Meet Mandy Machowicz 

 Mandy courageously tells her story and how the NDCQ NATION came to fruition. Continuing the legacy her late husband, Richard Machowicz, started in 2008.  Mandy's story perfectly captures the heart and soul of NDCQ. "If telling my story helps one person on the planet - then I am doing my job. Not Dead Can't Quit!" Mandy is the Co-Founder of Not Dead Can't Quit and Co-Owner of the NDCQ NATION.…/meet-trailblazer-mandy-machowicz/



Meet Jody Cornelius 

Jody partnered with Mandy Machowicz, as a Co-Owner in 2019. Jody's story inspires and motivates others through her drive for life, enthusiasm for entrepreneurship and her commitment to live not dead can't quit. 

  "Even as a little girl I have always had the drive to show up for others. I have always wanted to be a “do-er” I find purpose in helping others achieve their goals. Building up others and cheering them on to accomplish their goals. 

Being a do-er means you have to be self-motivated to get up even when you don’t feel like it. You have to literally tell your mind that you are going to do it, today, now, it is happening. This self-motivation takes work and effort every day. It doesn’t mean I am success every day at what I was trying to accomplish, but it does mean that I show up and I don’t quit because it was hard

I fail miserably at many things. I get told from other people it can’t happen often.  I get told that I am doing it wrong…. a lot. However, the people closest to me know they can point a finger at me and trust that I will show up for them and myselfThis trait is not inherited, takes daily work and focus from me.  

When Mandy asked me to be her partner in NDCQ, I was immediately thankful that she offered me an opportunity to really make a difference in others lives.  The fact that she trusted me and knew that I would not only show up for her but also for this Nation, fills me with grace. This task means that others are looking at me all the time. So even when I do fail at being a friend or committing to a client something that I couldn’t deliver. I don’t quit. I can’t think, oh well I did not do it right, so I guess I won’t try again. 

Being self-employed and having an enthusiasm for being an entrepreneur, I have to make tough decisions everyday about what has to get done to make my businesses successful. No one is there to tell me do this today, but I mentally show up every day for my businesses, for my partner, Mandy and the amazing team of people that I work with and for my family.   

Work ethic is a big part of my personal NDCQ. Knowing that if I don’t show up for the business it fails is a huge responsibility. If Mandy can’t count on me, if I’m not doing my part in the partnership. I am not living NDCQ. Which is why her trust in me I do not take lightly. Partners lift up each other up in any commitment. They should have accountability to you and you to them. The highs and joys that come with a successfulentrepreneur in business is even better with a strong partner who you can count on.   

 This is why I am honored to be a proud co- founder of NDCQ NationThe NDCQ is a mindset that takes daily work and focus to achieve. It’s not only an amazing apparel brand that makes you feel invincible when you wear it, it’s a lifestyle choice.

 I choose to show up for this Nation. I choose to serve others through my dedication to this brand and lifestyle. I train physically and mentally, daily to make myself a better leader for this Nation. I am forever grateful for each of you and proud to serve each of you.

 Every person who lives NDCQ knows they can count on me to deliver and that is why I choose to live Not Dead Can’t Quit."



Our TEAM is composed of not only the amazing people working at our NDCQ Headquarters.  We believe if you are a part of our NDCQ NATION, you are a part of our TEAM.  We each have a breath in our body and a beat in our heart, which means we are in the game of life together. 


In honor of Mandy's late husband, Founder of NDCQ and ex Navy Seal, Richard "Mack" Machowicz. Television Show Host and Producer of the Discover channel hit TV show Future Weapons.



Why would you want to be a member of a social network called, Not Dead, Can’t Quit!™ It seems rather extreme, doesn’t it? What could possibly be worth dying for? What could you want so badly that you would rather push yourself to the point that actually dying would be better than quitting?

From a very reasonable person’s position the answer is rather obvious and completely logical…nothing. It is very reasonable to say and understand that really nothing is worth dying for, right?

When you list what a human being might be capable of accomplishing, such as writing a book, becoming a professional athlete, being the highest grossing salesperson in an organization, or giving everything you’ve got to be the best parent you can be, does any of it
seem like something you’d be willing to die for?

I’m going to let you in on a little secret, it all is!

Why? Because you are going to die anyway! It’s only a matter of when. At what point will you decide that life is worth playing full out? Maybe a year before you die? How about a month? Let’s say a week. Please don’t wait for the day…

It all matters.

Every bit of it matters.

Every single breath is the key to life. As long as you’re alive, you’re in the game. You matter and you can seize this opportunity. Not Dead, Can’t Quit!™

The real question is what price are you willing to pay?

Everything comes with a price. is an opportunity to explore how much you are willing to pay in order to accomplish what you want out of this life. Because it is your life, you first must take full responsibility for it from this moment forward. The past is done. There is nothing that you or anyone can do to change it.

This network is not about dreaming. It’s about doing.

Be honest with each other, be ruthless if you must but always be good to each other! The nation is here to serve us and help each other bring out the very best in each of us! Let’s do great things here and make our world a better place.

With all my respect, support and gratitude,