Albert Goclowski Story

“Every morning my routine runs like a freight train. At home (my wife, nephew, and myself) care for my 78 year old nonambilatory father. I awaken. Check dad's temperature, check his sugar, empty his foley drainage bag, refill his drink cup. Then note all of the above on an input/output sheet. Then I'm off to work as a custodian at a state psychiatric hospital during this pandemic. Nothing unique there, but you only see the beginning. I was run over by an oil truck at age six. Not dead, can't quit has been my life since 1978. If there is a mountain in front of you, go over it, around it, or straight through it. That's NDCQ. That's the only mindset to prevent the woe that is my downward spiral.
My personal target is simple. I will continue to disinfect my inpatient ward while doing backflips to keep from bringing this home. Nobody at home has seen me in the house without a mask since February. I eat and sleep in isolation as a precaution for those I love, because I'm not dead, and damn sure won't quit!”