Caralynn McLaughlin Story

"My daily ritual is stillness. I love to sit outside first thing in the morning, sounds of the birds makes me happy. Like they are saying hello and greeting me to a new day. I focus my mind, not on the pain that lives with me, but on how to remain positive. This morning the stillness allows me to focus on the beauty of life, and fills me with gratitude. My biggest NDCQ moment came recently. I have a rare blood cancer, Polycythermia Vera; when diagnosed, I was much healthier and wasn't so concerned with living with the disease. Four years in, the cancer is taking a toll on my organs, and I am struggling physically, mentally, and emotionally. I saw the NDCQ movement, and thought, "that's ME! I can do this!" I am not dead yet! When I am, my journey will be over; until then, I promise to live the NDCQ movement with passion! My next target - getting through this medical rough patch, and living a fuller life. I was recently diagnosed with stage 3 kidney disease and acute renal failure, in addition to possible pericarditis - more testing to come on my heart. This is frightening, to say the least. Having a NDCQ mindset is very important to me as a cancer warrior. Mindset is everything. If we live a positive and energetic existence, we pass that along to other who are also struggling. I wish to be a light to others."