Keith Dooley Story

1. What is your daily focus, routine or ritual that you practice that starts your day off on the right foot? 
My day begins before getting out of bed. I clear my mind and focus on deep breathing. I focus on positive and uplifting thoughts. This time is also to pray and ask for guidance and strength.
2. What is your biggest NDCQ moment? And/Or how does Not Dead Can’t Quit motivate you?
NDCQ is a powerful daily reminder to stay focused, find a way and keep going. It helps me to remember that failure is just a word not a defining moment. I learned years ago to fail forward fast. Perseverance and a don't quit mentality is a learned skill. It is perishable and must be nurtured and practiced daily. This, I believe, is where Not Dead Can't Quit can play a significant role. Throughout my life and work, as with many, I have faced events with the potential to cripple. We must focus, look for positive take aways and keep forging forward. We all have God given talents and potential. We must put the work in every day.
3. What is your next personal target? Do you feel that having an NDCQ mindset and using the Not Dead Can’t Quit mantra will help you in achieving that target? 
I am an actor and involved with two new projects. Acting is extremely tough mentally, one of the most challenging things I have done and I worked as a security contractor for over 20 years. Starting new business ventures is never easy. All of this can be very rewarding. It also presents opportunities for stopping dead in your tracks almost everyday. The daily support, motivation and reminder NDCQ provides is not only welcome but necessary. Rarely can we fulfill our potential and achieve our goals without a supportive circle.