Brandi Lyons Story

As the owner of a nonprofit organization that focuses on Suicide Awareness, NDCQ speaks to me very loudly! The words "Keep Going" are my personal mantra. There has been countless times in my life where it would have been so easy to throw in the towel and quit. But something kept calling me back. Back in 2016 I was in such a dark place. I had just lost my father, I was laid off from my job of 15 years, and a good friend committed suicide all within one month. Life hit me really hard and knocked me down for quite a while. I spiraled into a depression that I thought I may never climb out of. I kept hearing the words, "keep going" and that's what I did. I just kept waking up. Showing up. And now, four years later, I own Keep Going - The Movement, and encourage others to do just exactly the same thing. 
During this time of uncertainty social isolation anxiety and depression are at levels we have never seen before. The suicide rate is expected to climb astronomically over the next year. My next target is to stop that from happening. The NDCQ mantra is exactly the way to help make that happen. If God has given us breath for this day, we cannot quit!