John Garrou Story

About 3 years ago I was not exercising... really overweight and a diabetic. My doctor was about to put me on insulin... my two youngest daughters were doing Taekwondo. Parents were called out on the floor to play a game with them, as a result parents had to do push-ups. I got down on the floor in push-up position, I lowered down and couldn't even do 1 push-up. That was a wake up call. I started Taekwondo. 
Needless to say, my doctor was ecstatic with my blood work at my next appointment. Now, 3 years later only one of my daughters is still at it. We are both going to be First Degree Black Belts in February. While I still have a ways to go, I have dropped some weight and I have started weight lifting. I'm 51 and I am the oldest student at the Martial Arts School. Once I make First degree, I'm going to Second degree. I told my daughter that I am going to keep doing this until I am just physically unable or she quits. Her response was "Well I'm not quitting so I guess you ain't either." In short... Not Dead Can't Quit."