Derek Johnson Story

"My daily ritual is saying a short prayer, reading some scripture or positive affirmations while drinking water to get hydrated and taking my probiotic on an empty stomach to help cleanse my digestive system and fortify it. Then I take my dogs on a brisk walk to get my metabolism going. After this I'll eat. I feel I've had more than one of these moments throughout life. One I can specifically expound on would be my relocation to a new state. Something I have never done, but on top of that, going in faith, hoping I'd be able to lockdown a job in my career studying personal training. It's been an adventure nonetheless, and my job didn't come easy but I dug in a gritted my teeth and God blessed me with a job in my field after months of grinding. I have more than one personal target, but right now I'm attempting to master a reverse lever which is highly difficult. I've been training in the platform of bodyweight for a year and a few months from attempting crazy balancing feats to mastering pistol squat."