Stefanie Lisa Story


What is your daily focus, routine or ritual that you practice that starts your day off on the right foot?
I like to start my day with positive motivation and Bible reading. Reviewing your goals will also help to set you up for success.
How do you feel when you wear the NDCQ Gear?
I feel powerful and I love the reminder that as long as I have breath in my body, I will not quit.
What is your biggest NDCQ moment? And/Or how does Not Dead Can’t Quit motivate you?
I’ve had plenty of ups and downs as well as times when I’ve hit rock bottom. The good thing about rock bottom is that you can only go up from there. Remembering Mack saying “see the target, hit the target” keeps me motivated.
What is your next personal target? Do you feel that having an NDCQ mindset and using the Not Dead Can’t Quit mantra will help you in achieving that target? If no, how can we improve our message?
My next target is helping my life and fitness coaching clients make radical positive changes in their lives and feel happy and fulfilled. I’d like to empower them with the NDCQ attitude. Yes, the “can’t quit” mental mindset is critical to achieving any goal because there will always be setbacks and unexpected roadblocks. Learning to persevere, no matter what, is what will ultimately make you successful.