Scarlett Mercer Story


What is your daily focus, routine or ritual that you practice that starts your day off on the right foot?

Each day I start by reading a series of different Christian devotional; Online Bible studies and other positive items. I pray for my family and friends. I have a tablet that I keep my daily routine on and each day I write “NDCQ” at the top beside the date.

What is your biggest NDCQ moment? And/Or how does Not Dead Can’t Quit motivate you?

I have several moments in my life that I would put “NDCQ” on them. But my biggest is the past 3 years fighting breast cancer, I.e., radiation and chemo treatments and surgery.

What is your next personal target? Do you feel that having an NDCQ mindset and using the Not Dead Can’t Quit mantra will help you in achieving that target? If no, how can we improve our message?

My next personal target is creating and sustaining financial income for myself - “Job” of some sorts. The NDCQ mantra helps me to push through the physical pain and the mental battle of negativity.