John Neace Story

What is your daily focus, routine, or ritual that you practice that starts your day off on the right foot?
Morning coffee, prayer, coffee, bible reading, and coffee are my favorite ways to start the day. It's calming (even with all the coffee) to start the day with a clear head.
What is your biggest NDCQ moment? And/or how does NOT DEAD CAN'T QUIT motivate you?
Making a conscious decision to improve my health. Life is too short. At 428 lbs, I wasn't really living. I felt like I was only surviving on a day to day basis. 
What is your next personal target? Do you feel like having an NDCQ mindset and using NOT DEAD CAN'T QUIT mantra will help you in achieving that target?
Maintaining health, encouraging others and LIVE LIFE. Besides, I'm NOT DEAD CAN'T QUIT.